Tuesday, June 3, 2008

about my last handphone..

ni sbnrnyer cite y dh lame.. tetibe aku jumpe balek lak cte ni kat draft aku.. aku pon post la pe lagi.. nguahaha!! the latest news, aku dh bli pon br pon.. No lame tu aku x g amek kat celcom sbb mse cuti ari tu aku keje kat econsave, jadi cashier... huhuhuu... so, bli no br la jwbnyer...

(ditulis pada 3 jun 2008)

Last Sunday, my brother and I told ayah a news about my last missing handphone. On the night before, my brother, Akim wanted me to sleep early. he kept on bugging me around just to tell me to sleep. He's such an annoying brother, isn't he? Well, after twice coming to my room just to tell me that, on the third attempt he tried to call me from his room. Unfortunately, he called my previous number, the one that had been stolen. This was how the conversation went on :

Akim: hello?
Answer: hello..
Akim: g tido r.. dah malam!
Answer: ha?? ok,ok.. kejap..
Akim: g tido cepat!

Then, my brother hung up. He came again to my room to make sure that he called the correct number. According to Akim, the personi was a female. I felt a bit shocked to hear the news. That's why we decided to tell ayah about that. After hearing that, ayah quickly called that number. At first, there was a female voice. Ayah just asked her about who is she, how she get the number, where is the original phone and other questions. I thought that person must be really 'cuak' because ayah asked her with a stern and strict tone. Hihi.. Well, the story just didn't end up like that. I bet she must be afraid of ayah that she just passed the phone to a different person. Right now, the next person was a male. Ayah just asked the same question like before and from the answers that we all heard, he must be really confident with his answer. But, one thing that he didn't know, 'sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga'. He tried to cheat, but ayah caught him easily. How can I say that? It was based from an answer that he gave which really revealed him as a bad liar.

~After a few minutes of conversation..

Ayah: ni dekat mane ni?
Answer: ni sebenarnyer dekat balai polis..
Ayah: balai polis? macam mane nombor ni bole sampai kat balai polis pulak? ni balai polis mane?
Answer: ni dekat balai polis keramat..
Ayah: kau jangan nak tipu aku. dalam sejarah x pernah lagi ade balai polis kat keramat! baik kau bagitau dekat mane sbnrnyer!
Answer: aaa..aaaa....
Ayah: cube ko tengok sikit name sape yang ade dekat hp tu. ni hp anak aku tau. kau tau x kau tgh berckp dengan sape skrg ni. ni inspektor ali tau! jangan main2 dngn aku..
(camtu ler lbih kurg, aku ubah sket2 je, mne igt y exact nyer, tp cmtu la.. :P)

Haa!! Serves him right!! Nk nipu x pandai!! Padan muke ko!! Nguahahaha!!!! That male tried to cover his sin, but no matter how he tried, it's useless. Ayah still with his tone pushed him to the corner where he couldn't do anything more but only to give up. And the good news was, he gave up!! Yeah, ayah rocks!! The stupid(ooppss..) male hung up, when ayah tried to called back, he didn't answer it. Maybe he went to his idiot(ooppss again..) girlfriend to cry his lungs out. Bwahahaha!!! Ayah then just called Celcom centre to block the number. The officer said that I will get a new simcard with the same number on 15 Jun. I am so glad that i will get the number back. The number really meant something to me, eventhough it just a number. However, I still sad about my hp. I don't know what happened to it. I don't know what the moron couple had did to m precious hp. Well, life must go on... Now i have my own hp, which I buy with the money that i get from the scholarship. So, to all my frenz, my last number can still be used, but only after 15 Jun.. hehe..

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